Vendor withdraws bid to operate White Street Landfill

UPDATE: The city announces that the public hearing for the contract has been canceled.

ORIGINAL POST: Gate City Waste Services has notified the city of Greensboro that it is withdrawing a bid to operate the White Street Landfill.


Here's a link to the letter from Gate City Waste Services to City Manager Rashad Young: [Document]

Council will have the opportunity to vote tonight to extend a contract with Republic Services to receive the city's solid waste at its Uwharrie Environmental Landfill in Montgomery County from Sept. 30 to to Dec. 31. Approval of the extension would buy the council some time to postpone a long-term decision on solid waste until after the Nov. 8 election.

"I think if we do anything at this point, it would be rushed," Vaughan said. "I think we need to let the next council move on this."

Vaughan said that when the time comes she would like to explore a proposal by Republic Services to save the city an estimated $3.5 million, and look for ways to increase recycling.

The text of the letter, digitally signed by lawyer Daniel R. Moore for David H. Griffin Sr., is after the jump:

Mayor Knight:

I am writing on behalf of Gate City Waste Services (Gate City) to respectfully request that our bid for the referenced services at White Street Landfill be terminated. As a lifelong resident and businessman in this community I had sincerely hoped to do something positive for the White Street Landfill neighborhoods, and the people of Greensboro. Those actions no longer appear possible.

In retrospect it is clear that a very painful process has taken place; one that has affected many of my fellow citizens. It was never our intent to provide anything other than a professional and competitive offering on what we believe to be vital, necessary, and fiscally responsive solid waste management services for the city. I am confident that this was your intent as well. Given the litigation and associated activities surrounding the recent RFP process it is clear that we have no other palatable option.

In closing I would like to request that the city continue to consider our recent offering under the last RFP/proposal to develop a landfill gas-to-energy project at the White Street facility. We are prepared to make the significant capital investment necessary for this project and participate in a revenue/profit sharing structure with the city. As you know, we have also proposed to assume operations at the city's transfer station, and help in development of an alternative disposal technology/method when the time is appropriate. Accordingly, we would request that our proposal, strictly associated with these additional issues, remain valid.

David H. Griffin Sr.CEO, DH Griffin Companies

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