Greensboro primary: at-large analysis

Color code:

Yvonne Johnson — blue
Nancy Vaughan — purple
Chris Lawyer — orange
Danny Thompson — red
Wayne Abraham — aqua
Jean Brown — yellow
Tie — gray

Former mayor Yvonne Johnson dominated the electoral landscape in the at-large race in Greensboro's primary election on Oct. 11, carrying all precincts in east and south Greensboro except for two, along with the downtown area.

Nancy Vaughan, who currently serves as mayor pro tem carried a block of established neighborhoods stretching from Irving Park to Starmount.

Challenger Chris Lawyer and incumbent Danny Thompson, both conservatives, carved up the Cardinal, and Thompson carried the Grandover.

Marikay Abuzuaiter, who placed third overall in the primary, evidently rode Johnson's coattails, pulling most of her votes out of precincts carried by the former mayor.

Wayne Abraham carried one precinct by virtue of earning eight votes in G45, which covers UNCG.

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