Keeping up with Occupy Greensboro

The Occupy Greensboro effort continues to unfold, with a rally taking place at 5:30 p.m. today at Governmental Plaza to demonstrate solidarity with a general strike in Oakland, Calif.

Numerous teach-ins have been taking place. A picket outside of Bank of America at the Friendly Shopping Center has been scheduled for Saturday in what is billed as an action for people to transfer their savings from banks to credit unions. The group faces eviction from its encampment in the YWCA parking lot and discussions are underway to relocate.

For those who want to catch up with the movement or to gain a sense of its trajectory over the past 19 days, we’ve assembled a compendium of our coverage.


“Occupy Winston-Salem, Greensboro groups hit the streets,” by Keith T. Barber, Oct. 19 (link)

“One week with Occupy Greensboro,” by Eric Ginsburg, Oct. 26 (link


“Occupy Greensboro takes up residence downtown,” by Jordan Green, Oct. 15 (link)

“President to Occupy Greensboro: Return to sender,” by Jordan Green, Oct. 19 (link)

“Police detention of Occupy Greensboro participant continues to unfold,” by Eric Ginsburg, Oct. 27 (link)

“Occupy Greensboro march in solidarity with Oakland,” by Eric Ginsburg, Oct. 29 (link)


“Notes from a peaceful protest,” by Keith T. Barber, Oct. 19 (link)

“When revolt makes sense” by Jordan Green, Nov. 2 (link)

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