Occupy Greensboro holds employment march

Dozens of people turned out for an employment march and subsequent rally Saturday morning, called by Occupy Greensboro. The march began at the public library and ended at the Government Plaza.

Speakers highlighted various employment and economic woes, as well as a handful of potential solutions. Among them was newly elected at large city council member Marikay Abuzuaiter, who has been active with Occupy Greensboro since the first meeting.

After the rally ended, participants stayed, splitting into smaller groups to discuss some of the issues brought up during the march and rally. A few attendees held a banner from Occupy Winston-Salem.

photo by Eric Ginsburg


Jordan Green said...

Thanks for the report, Eric.

Claire said...

thank you for the post, Eric. I didn't think Occupy Greensboro would change anything.
I didn't see this coming by the way