Anonymous right-wing website targets Whisenhunt

Forsyth County has some interesting conservative currents. I’m new as a reporter here, so admittedly there’s a lot I still don’t get. Republicans control the county commission and hold the largest number of seats in the state legislative delegation even though registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 103,456 to 75,681.

And I’m told that the tea party won a struggle for control of the county party in the past couple years in contrast to neighboring Guilford where Jeff Hyde of Conservatives for Guilford County lost the election for chairman of the county party to a more moderate candidate last year. Still, in Forsyth, there’s a noticeable current of restlessness and discontent on the right-wing of the party.

A case in point is, a website hosted by an outfit that calls itself the Vernon Logan Organization. The target is Forsyth County commissioner Gloria Whisenhunt, first among equals in a gallery of purported RINOs, or “Republicans In Name Only,” that also includes Winston-Salem City Councilman Robert Clark, Commissioner Dave Plyler, NC House candidate Donny Lambeth and county commission candidate John Bost.

Whisenhunt’s transgression is encapsulated in an un-sourced purported quote with confusing punctuation placement:

“Can I do anything about illegal immigration, not much, Gloria Whisenhunt said. I talk to people that hire illegal immigrants and they tell me that they are the best workers they’ve ever had and they have a very strong work ethic. “People say we have Americans who will take these jobs Whisenhunt said. “I don’t believe that because Americans are lazy, Americans are living off the government, and we pay them to stay home and have babies!

Whisenhunt, like Plyler, is running for reelection to the county commission in District B. The charge of not being sufficiently conservative evidently has some sting with the county party because a surrogate -- unfortunately, I didn't catch her name -- described Whisenhunt as "an ultra conservative" at the county party convention earlier this month.

Under the tab “We are the 1%” the organization behind the anti-Whisenhunt message proclaims, “We are a right-wing, anti-illegal, pro-life, gun-owning straight politically informed organization. We believe in: God, America, the Bill of Rights, our military, capitalism, limited government and our family…. We will not give or conduct interviews with the media…. We do not worry or concern ourselves with what others may be thanking [sic] about us.”

As a further mark of the organization’s aversion to publicity, the website includes an item reporting that “on March 17, 2012 members of the Vernon Logan Organization held a rally in Forsyth County North Carolina. Over 110 leaders from chapters across North Carolina attended. We had a number of speakers from Pender, Davidson and Iredell County. BBQ and a lot of discuss [sic] about politics. A special thanks to the member who let us have the rally on his farm and the membership who kept all this secret from the news media, liberals and the rinos."


carolinagirl said...

I have taken a look at the website and knowing all the Republicans mentioned..I have to concur..his assessment of these elected officials is correct.

Steven Wiles, For FC Board of Commissioners said...

So true. The comments are true and these people, along with others, need to change their affiliation!