Greg Harrison update

Court documents filed last week indicate that a federal magistrate has appointed Winston-Salem lawyer Benjamin David Porter to represent Greg Harrison, the Greensboro staffing awaiting sentencing for 63 counts of willful failure to pay over payroll taxes. A federal judge recently allowed the public defender appointed to represent Harrison to withdraw from the case because of an unspecified conflict of interest.

The magistrate is ordering Harrison to pay Porter $1,000 in partial payment for his services by March 23. Harrison’s sentencing is scheduled for April 6.

The magistrate writes that, based on a financial affidavit filed under seal by Harrison, the defendant appears to be no longer employed and without income of any kind, but has $5,000 in cash on hand.

Meanwhile, a hearing to determine whether the assets of Global Labor and a group of licensee staffing companies should be placed in receivership is scheduled for March 29 in NC Business Court in Greensboro. Harrison has been, at least until recently, the president of Global Labor. The New York investment firm BHC Interim Funding is seeking to collect $7.5 million debt from Global Labor and its licensees.

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