Coble campaign disavows Coffer ad

The following is a press release from the Coble campaign:

The campaign manager for Congressman Howard Coble
said today that NC Senate candidate Bobby Coffer did not get
permission from Rep. Coble to run an ad that appeared to be an
endorsement of Coffer. Lindsay Morris, Coble for Congress campaign
manager, said that Coffer did not seek or receive approval from
Coble¹s campaign to publish a photo and quote from Rep. Coble.

The ad, which ran in Rockingham County newspapers over the weekend,
featured a photo of Congressman Coble with Coffer and a statement that
was allegedly from the 6th District representative urging people to
vote for Coffer. Morris, a Rockingham County native, said that
Congressman Coble did not give the statement that was attributed to
him in the Coffer ad.

Congressman Coble is a good friend and strong supporter of Senator
Phil Berger, Morris stated, ³and would have never approved the ad
by Mr. Coffer. In fact, the Greensboro News & Record called last week
to verify if the ad was accurate, and Congressman Coble told the sales
department that the ad was fraudulent. We appreciate the fact that the
News & Record did not publish Mr. Coffer¹s ad. Congressman Coble
wanted to let the people of Rockingham County know that he is backing
Senator Phil Berger and did not give Bobby Coffer permission to
publish the ad he did.

Morris said that Congressman Coble has his picture taken dozens of
times a day, including many with would-be candidates. In all
instances, candidates must receive permission to use any photos or
quotes from Congressman Coble and Mr. Coffer did not. Morris added
that Mr. Coffer completely fabricated the quote from Congressman

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