Ransom Hobbs and Deb Moy

Last week the Guilford County DA's office dropped murder, assault and arson charges against Michael Wade Slagle, accused of murdering William "Ransom" Hobbs, assaulting Deborah Ann Moy and then setting fire to the crime scene at the William B. Vaught House, also known as the castle on Summit Avenue.

I have been writing about this crime since September 2008, and I thought I'd post a list of links to my reporting thus far. 

In December 2008 I was able to construct a timeline of events the night before the murder for a long cover story called "It happened in Greensboro."

A month later I met with some of Deb's friends for an update

A year after the crime, when still no arrests had been made, I drove by the castle and put down some thoughts about the case. This piece, called "Rain on the castle," is in my book, The Anxious Hipster and Other Barflies I've Known, and when I perform it at readings it never fails to send a chill through the room.

I wrote another piece last year when Slagle was arrested in Jacksonville, Fla.

And that brings us to this week's column, which for me is a deeply unsatisfying account of where things stand now.

I will keep reporting on this crime. And if you know anything about the fire at the castle, the murder of Ransom Hobbs and the beating of Deb Moy, give me a call at the office at 336.316.1231. Better yet, call Crimestoppers at 336.373.1000.

The person who did this is still out there. He could very easily strike again.


LeAnn Loy said...

Yes the person that did this is still out there. I am almost certain that it is not Mika (Michael Slagle). I slept in the same bed with him for years and I never once felt threatened. He was never violent, never confrontational, never an angry person. He loved to dance, have a good time with friends and was a kind, loving man to me. I want justice just like everyone else, but I don't want the wrong person going to prison or worse for something they did not do. I do not know the evidence in this case as the police are tight lipped for good reason, but I cannot imagine the man I cared so much for being this monster. To disarm smoke detectors takes a calculaed mind and that is not Mika, AT ALL....

Charles said...

I appreciate you for writing this post. Points are stated thoroughly.