Greensboro police officer arrested

A 7-year veteran Greensboro police officer was arrested in Surry County for allegedly assaulting his wife. TL Eastridge Jr., who holds the rank of Police Officer II and was on the tactical narcotics team, has been placed on administrative duties for the duration of the case. 

Here is the press release from the Greensboro police department.


Citizen said...

Hey is this the same officer featured in your 2010 story on dwi Fraud and dismissals ?

Jordan Green said...

Yes, Eastridge was the arresting officer in one of the DWI cases that was dismissed under suspicious circumstances. In that case the blood alcohol level of the defendant was altered in an SBI report, causing the prosecutor to drop the case. Eastridge would not have had access to the report, so suspicion would center on either the SBI lab or the clerk of courts office.