Holyfield withdraws from High Point mayoral race

Tammy Holyfield announces via Facebook that she is withdrawing from the High Point mayoral race, citing a “serious health issue” in her family:
I want to thank the residents of High Point for their support and encouragement during my campaign for mayor. Unfortunately, there has been a serious health issue in my family that will not allow me to continue actively campaigning. I know many share my disappointment, however my family must take precedence over my campaign at this time. It is my intention to return any campaign contributions that I’ve received. I am very grateful for your generosity and support. I wish the other candidates well. Each has entered this race with a sincere desire to help move our community forward. I hope I may be of service in the future. Finally, I am very thankful and appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have been extended to me during this time.
Holyfield’s name will remain on the ballot, Guilford County Deputy Elections Director Charlie Collicutt said. The elections office has already mailed out absentee ballots, and early voting begins today. 

Holyfield’s withdrawal leaves four candidates in the race. Bernita Sims and Chris Whitley are both currently serving on city council as ward representatives. Coy Williard, a developer, holds extensive experience serving on educational and philanthropic boards. Matthew Fowler Sr. has run a virtually invisible campaign. 

The only circumstance in which a complication would arise would be if Holyfield wins. Collicutt said that council would be required to appoint someone to fill the position of mayor for two years rather than the second-place finisher being awarded the seat. 

“Our part is done,” Collicutt said. “The ballots are printed. The election is proceeding. Should she win, that’s a vacant office.”


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