Day 21: Jury still out in Latin Kings racketeering trial

Jurors in the Latin Kings racketeering case had yet to reach a verdict when the judge excused them for lunch at 1 p.m. today in the third full day of deliberations.

The jury foreperson sent a note to US District Court James A. Beaty Jr. shortly before noon indicating that they had not been able to reach a verdict. The judge called them in and instructed them to continue to try to reach a unanimous verdict, noting that the government has spent significant “time, money and resources” on the case, and that if they failed to come back with a verdict the case would have to be retried.

The judge also told the jurors that if that were to happen, it is unlikely the evidence would be presented more clearly and that a more competent jury would be assembled.

The six defense lawyers filed objections to the jury receiving further instructions, which the judge overruled.

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