UPDATE: Latin Kings trial winds to a close

The racketeering trial of six North Carolina Latin Kings is winding down. Both the government and defendants presented final evidence in the morning session at federal court in Winston-Salem.

US District Court Judge James A. Beaty said he would like closing arguments to begin this afternoon. But first, the judge must finalize jury instructions.

A verdict could be rendered as early as tomorrow. Some of the defendants could face 20 years in prison.

This morning, the jury heard testimony from the Rev. Randall Keeney, Katie Yow and Helen Buscemi, the grandmother of Latin King Wesley Williams. They all took the stand for the defense. Despite an order from the judge allowing his testimony, defense attorney Michael Patrick did not call the Rev. Nelson Johnson. But most of the testimony Patrick said he expected to hear from Johnson had been covered by the Rev. Greg Headen and other defense witnesses.


ACornell said...

Thanks for the great coverage and unbias reporting. AC

Jordan Green said...

You're very welcome, ACornell. I'm sorry that your family has to be put through this trial and what I'm sure is unwanted media publicity. Regardless of the guilt or innocence of the defendants, this ordeal has imposed a punishment on your family that was you did nothing to deserve. Feel free to be in touch with me. I definitely want to pursue this further, no matter how things turn out over the next couple days.

agneris.rodriguez said...

Praying everything works out for the best... Prayers going up for my brother wish I could be there just know we are back home sending prayers up for you all. Thanks Jordan Green for the THE BEST COVERAGE you make it feel as we are in attendance.