Tuttle: Twin Arches is still a go

Randall Tuttle, chairman of the Creative Corridors executive committee, echoes the sentiments of Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines that cost saving can be identified to make the Twin Arches more affordable, and the project can be completed.

From an e-mail today:

Yes , the bid for the Twin Arches was more than we expected, but that has not dampened our enthusiasm for the project nor our belief that we (our community) need to do something special at the Salem Creek Connector (Research Parkway) intersection with Highway 52.

Tuttle goes on to say that the intersection will be a major entrance to downtown that will provide

through-travelers with a view/perspective on our City of Arts and Innovation, and we still believe the concepts of our CCC master plan can be achieved for just an incremental few percent (in terms of total budget). We are right now in the thought process of determining ways for the project and/or project concepts to be accomplished more affordably, but I am sure that one way or another, CCC will be raising monies in the near term to accomplish the project goals.


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