No personnel changes at DGI... yet

Downtown Greensboro Inc.'s board held a special meeting this morning to discuss "personnel issues" but Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan confirmed that the board took "no action" on the issue. Mayor Robbie Perkins has a non-voting seat on the board and Vaughan has been attending in his place for the city.

Downtown Greensboro Inc. and the Greensboro City Council have been tussling over whether the group's leadership has been adequate. The nonprofit agency receives the majority of its funds from public source, and you can read more about the initial flare up and subsequent cooperation between the two bodies in our previous articles (click the links). Vaughan, Perkins and others have criticized the agency's lack of visionary leadership. 

One of Downtown Greensboro Inc.'s biggest critics, downtown property owner Eric Robert, has cautioned that scapegoating the group's President Ed Wolverton and not dealing with the organization's deeper issues would not create satisfactory change. (Read more about what Robert and others have previously said in the articles above)

Dawn Chaney, the chair of Downtown Greensboro, Inc.'s board, could not immediately be reached. 

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