The Rhino Times is closing

Former Rhinoceros Times publisher William Hammer just announced that the city's conservative paper will cease publication. 

From his Facebook post earlier this morning: 

"Through The Rhinoceros Times, my brother, John Hammer has kept people of Guilford County informed and entertained for over 20 years. The many sleepless nights and tireless work that it required of him to bring the news to us is impossible for me to accurately convey. 
John through The Rhino has broken many incredible stories and shined a bright, satirical and often irreverent light in corners that some of our elective officials and bureaucrats had hoped to keep dark and always without fail, he called it as he saw it. He attracted World Class writers to the paper such as, Orson Scott Card, Jerry Blesdsoe and staff writers such as the hilarious Scott Yost and the reliable Paul Clark and gave them lot's of room to wow us with their talent. It was my honor to have been a part of such a refreshing truth-telling paper for many years. It is a sad day for Guilford County knowing that the paper which did such a wonderful job of keeping us informed will no longer be able to continue in that crucial role. Thank you John Hammer. Goodbye Rhino."

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