City staff pulls "Save Our Trees" signs, tries to return them

Recent "tone deaf" actions of city staff are fueling a conspiracy theory that the city of Greensboro is in cahoots with Duke Energy, Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan said today. Staff, in an effort to enforce sign regulations citywide, recently pulled up "Save Our Trees" signs in a few neighborhoods just outside of downtown, causing an uproar from opponents of Duke Energy's heavy-handed tree trimming line maintenance practices.

"Evidently city staff, over the last few weeks, have been doing a clean sweep of signs that are in medians, ecetera," Vaughan said. "All hell is breaking loose. It’s just another irritation that didn’t need to happen."

Vaughan said staff members are now trying to find signs and return them to their respective neighborhoods. 

Council will vote on the proposed tree ordinance at its June 18 meeting. Read more about the battle over trees in this week's issue of YES! Weekly.

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