Cornerstone in, bowling alley out for Greensboro greenway

Construction on the "tradition" cornerstone for the Downtown Greenway, located at the corner of Smith and Prescott Streets in Greensboro, looks like it may begin shortly. With white poles in the ground and three pieces of heavy machinery appearing in the last week, the small lot that will help anchor the greenway is beginning to see some action. 

After visiting Greensboro to gather input at the beginning of the year, Cambridge, Mass.-based artists Mags Harries and Lajos Héder returned to unveil their plans for the site (which will include a gazebo and a small orchard). The cornerstone is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013. 

Harries and Héder's plans weren't the only ones announced for the western stretch of the downtown greenway —  in April YES! Weekly reported on the possibility of a small bowling alley adjacent to Westerwood Tavern. Today, venture partner Mike Bosco confirmed the bowling alley is a no-go

"We had a deal and then it fell through," he said.  "From what I can tell the city was ready to sign off on it."

The bowling alley's initial stumbling block was an issue with the fire code, but Bosco said after that was worked out, they weren't able to come up with a lease agreement with property owner Dawn Chaney. The lack of agreement, he said, "came out of left field."

Chaney said she has plans for the space but wouldn't provide specifics. Chaney also owns a white building next to the bar, and added that she has concrete plans for developing the building and is excited about what could be coming. The bowling alley would have been a short walk from the greenway cornerstone, along what is now a strip of rarely used train tracks running parallel to Prescott Street. 

After curving east along Smith Street and by the future cornerstone installation, the greenway will cut north for a block in front of Deep Roots' new location before running east again on Fisher Avenue. In the other direction, it will serve as a convenient path from the Westerwood neighborhood to College Hill and Warnersville neighborhoods. Check out the full map here

We'll post updates on Chaney's plans for the neighborhood as soon as they are available.

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