Developing: Charlotte Observer reporter arrested while covering Moral Monday

Courtesy of the Advancement Project
Tim Funk, the faith reporter for the Charlotte Observer, was arrested today at the Moral Monday protest at the NC General Assembly, according to a statement released by the Advancement Project. Funk was covering the demonstrations and was one of almost 100 people who were arrested at the weekly action protesting regressive legislation put forward by the Republican-controlled General Assembly.

Protestors who intend to be arrested at the demonstrations are separated from the rest of the attendees, both in where they stand and (at least last week) by green ribbons around their risk indicating their intention to be arrested. The Advancement Project, one of the organizations behind the demonstrations, also released this fuzzy photo of Funk being arrested today.

We will post more information as it becomes available. Read more about Moral Monday here.

UPDATE: Jennifer Farmer, a spokesperson for the Advancement Project who witnessed the incident, said Funk was there to cover the protest, not participate, adding that he had been with protesters all day interviewing people.

"When he was arrested he was just covering the event," Farmer said. "It looked like he tried to explain to them that he was a reporter. This was definitely during the course of work for him."

A spokesperson for the NC Capitol Police was not immediately available for comment.

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