Want to write for us? YES! Weekly is hiring an intern

YES! Weekly newspaper is hiring a new editorial intern (or two!) in the coming weeks. There are a host of reasons to apply — having clips to show to future employers, bolstering your experience, bragging rights and spending time with some pretty rad writers and editors.

We cover Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point through our alternative weekly newspaper and blog. We're looking for motivated writers who already are or want to become journalists.

The gig:
-The internship usually lasts for four to six months (one beginning at the end of summer and the other at the start of the year). We can usually work around your schedule.
-Interns will gain experience writing for various sections of the newspaper, including things like visions, chow, ten best, the staff column, blotter, local talent, dirt and at least one cover story. Don't know what those terms mean? Spend some time reading the paper or on our website.
-It's open-ended. Have multimedia or video skills? Great. Want to write about a water polo championship? Sounds good to us. Hell, one of our current interns is about to write a column about Bonnaroo. One interviewed Snooki a few years ago.

-Hours are flexible, but interns would ideally be available for part of the week during normal office hours and be able to attend staff meetings each Monday. Our office is located in Adams Farm.
-Interns will write at least one article for publication every week, and we take pitches from interns. 

-The internship is, unfortunately, unpaid. Sorry, y'all. There is a possibility that we could receive a stipend to increase diversity from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia.
-An interest in writing —and an ability to write — news articles is a serious plus.
-We prefer interns who aren't still in school (but recently hired a part-time student). A related degree isn't necessary, but it can only help.

Why you should apply:
-Our former interns are doing some pretty rad things. To paraphrase Drake, I started from the bottom, and now I'm here. After a stint as an intern I was hired at YES! Weekly part-time, and now I'm the Greensboro/Guilford County reporter. Not convinced? Check out our former (and sorely missed) intern Christian Bryant.
See, we're a lovable bunch!
(Former intern Christian planking Brian's desk)
-Our interns come from all over the place. One of our interns works at Target and one from last fall is a gymnastics coach. If you live in Winston-Salem or High Point, your application may get +1.
-You need to be able to write well, but previous experience is not required.
-Journalism jobs are increasingly difficult to find, especially as esteemed papers like the Boston Phoenix  close and others reshuffle. Honolulu Weekly announced it was closing this week, and the Rhinoceros Times in Greensboro just shut its doors, too. An internship is an excellent way to help break into the industry, improve your standing and hone your craft.
-We strongly encourage people of color, women, LGBTQ folks — really, all kinds of people — to apply. Our paper benefits from a variety of voices and perspectives. We've already got the white-dude thing down pretty well, but potential white dude interns should absolutely apply.
-We're part of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and the North Carolina Press Association. That means we're legit, right? It also means we have connections with other papers in the industry, which might be helpful if you're headed somewhere else after you finish here.
-Occasional perks. Like free tickets to a comedy club, court side seats at the Greensboro Coliseum, free booze or hanging out with President Obama. Okay, I made that last part up, but we did go to the Democratic National Convention.
-There's a lot to learn. We can help you become a better writer and also a more skilled researcher, interviewer, etc. Ever interviewed the mayor? Know how to look up a business, property record or criminal file? Any idea how to write a real food review? If you answered yes, we really want you. If not, you may really want us. 

-It's a lot of fun. We're pretty easygoing, unless you can't file before deadline. Then heads may roll. 

-Have you ever seen your name in print? It's pretty thrilling. That alone should motivate you.

Still have questions or ready to apply? 
Call our editor, Brian Clarey, at 336-316-1231 or e-mail him at editor@yesweekly.com. 

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