Another food stamps glitch hits families in need

What is going on with food stamps?

Mike Aiken, the executive director of Greensboro Urban Ministry, said today that the number of families seeking emergency food from his agency shot up to 93 in a day, up from an average of 47 per week. This after a computer glitch in the food stamps program for Guilford County.

"Departments of social services across the state are manually entering data multiple times, thus causing backlogs and many [are] seeing delays in receiving food stamps," he wrote. "Greensboro Urban Ministry was already having great difficulty in collecting enough food to serve those coming to our doors due to the fact that extended unemployment benefits for 12,000 Triad families ended July 1." 

We just wrote about the same thing in Forsyth County last week. And in Guilford County in July 2012.

Is it really that complicated? 

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