Food stamps come through for at least one Forsyth client

In an indication that the food-stamps logjam in Forsyth County has broken, YES! Weekly reader Nicole Main writes that her neighbor's benefits finally came through, after weeks of delays.

"I ran her into town for some groceries and I think half of Winston got their benefits today," Main said. "It was so busy at Aldi they had police there because they hadn't expected the need for security so they didn't have security available for the day."

On Monday, the NC Legislative Black Caucus demanded that Gov. Pat McCrory and Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos "declare a state of emergency" to ensure that eligible citizens have benefits by Friday.

"It is deplorable to know that we must remind our government to protect its most vulnerable citizens from starvation, especially when instituted by mindful negligence and the supreme reversal of duty," said Rep. Garland Pierce (D-Hoke, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland) president of the caucus. "Many of the summer feeding programs will end before school starts. This will leave a major gap in meal planning for families to ensure their children are fed and prepared for the upcoming school year."

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