Performing arts center exceeds private fundraising goal

The proposed downtown Greensboro performing arts center took a step closer to fruition today with the announcement that private fundraising has exceeded the $20 million goal. The threshold has now been upped to $30 million, all of this shortly before council considers spending millions extra on the project to purchase land for the GPAC rather than using city-owned property nearby. Council will discuss the item on Tuesday.

Here's the full press release that includes the names of private donors supporting the arts center:

"The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is pleased to announce that it now has pledges totaling $20.747 million from 68 individuals, families, foundations and businesses for the proposed downtown performing arts center.

“The response to this effort has been incredible,” said Kathy Manning, a Greensboro attorney who has spearheaded the fundraising efforts. “Even though our fundraising to date has been focused on major donors, we’ve been amazed by the number of individuals who have taken the initiative to contact us to make pledges. We look forward to broadening our campaign efforts in the fall.”

In light of the fundraising success, the decision has been made to increase the fundraising goal to $30 million. This will enable the private sector to be full partners with the public sector and will provide enough funds to build a truly first-rate performing arts center.

“We are, simply, overwhelmed by this unprecedented fundraising success for a vital economic driver for Greensboro,” said Walker Sanders, president of The Community Foundation. “Our entire community should be grateful for the pledges of our generous donors.”

The following list represents all donors who have made pledges to date:

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Lindsey and Frank Auman
  • Caroline and Jim Barber
  • Bell Foundation
  • Denny Kelly and Lou Bouvier
  • Louise and Jim Brady
  • Cooper Brantley
  • Nancy and Frank Brenner
  • Suejette and David Brown
  • Joe Bryan, Jr.
  • The Joseph M. Bryan Foundation of Greater Greensboro
  • The Hon. Frank and Frances Bullock
  • Lisa and Willie Bullock
  • Linda and Jim Carlisle
  • Vanessa and Roy Carroll
  • Linda and Bill Cary
  • The Cemala Foundation
  • CityView Apartments
  • Irene and Irv Cohen
  • Cole Family Foundation
  • Elizabeth W. “Betty” Cone
  • Cone Mills Charitable Fund
  • Pat and Pete Cross
  • Dr. Gary and Ellen Fischer
  • Eva Jane Gorrell
  • Nancy and Bernie Gutterman
  • Pam and Steve Hassenfelt
  • Donna and Robert Hodgman
  • Sara S. and George W. House
  • Jill Wilson and Marc Isaacson
  • Tobee and Leonard Kaplan
  • Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan
  • Milton Kern
  • Dr. Eugene S. and Gail M. LeBauer
  • Dr. Joe LeBauer
  • Dr. Sam and Joan LeBauer
  • Laurie and Oliver Lloyd
  • Kathryn and Bobby Long
  • Lorillard, Inc.
  • Trude and Tom McCarty
  • Susan and Mackey McDonald
  • Madeline and Everette Mills
  • Morrisette Paper Co.
  • Susan and Joseph Nehmen
  • NewBridge Bank
  • Donna and Bob Newton
  • Susan Petty
  • Gloria and Reid Phillips
  • Phillips Foundation
  • Jane and Royce Reynolds
  • Emilie and Arthur Samet
  • Sylvia and Norman Samet
  • Dabney and Walker Sanders
  • Sara Lee and Paul Saperstein
  • Cindi and Jim Schrum
  • Joy and Steve Shavitz
  • Pam and David Sprinkle
  • Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation
  • Toleo Foundation
  • VF Corporation
  • Leslye and Marshall Tuck
  • Dr. Robert and Kim Wainer
  • Sarah and Jack Warmath
  • Rochelle Weiner
  • Judy and Len White
  • Sally and Ed Winslow

The cost of the center, as proposed last year by a task force created by The Community Foundation on the city’s behalf, was estimated at $60 million. Originally, the Foundation committed to helping raise $20 million in private donations, and the city approved $20 million in user fees. The city is now contemplating the purchase of land for the project which would involve additional user fees.

The fundraising team is committed to continuing its efforts to ensure this project is completed in a way that honors the work of the task force’s recommendations. An important component of those recommendations includes the implementation of an arts stabilization fund.

“We want to make sure that the type of $60 million facility recommended by the task force, with the input of nationally recognized consultants, is realized,” added Gordon Soenksen, chief development officer at The Community Foundation. “So, we aren’t quite done, and we look forward to connecting additional supporters throughout the community with this important project for Greensboro’s future.”"


Billy Jones said...

Have you bothered to ask who will own the GPAC? I think you might be surprised.

Eric Ginsburg said...

The city says it will own the GPAC. That's been the discussion all along and was reiterated again today in the IFYI. You clearly don't believe that, but yes, I've asked.

Eric Ginsburg said...

According to the city's FAQ in the IFYI report: "The city of Greensboro will own and operate the GPAC. The city is financing $30 million of the project and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is financing $30 million. Donations toward the project made by residents, corporations and private donors are being made to the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, not to the city of Greensboro."

Maybe that helps clarify.