Who has the chops for District 1?

Bellamy-Small at her birthday concert, October 2012.
Interviewing Greensboro City Councilwoman Dianne Bellamy-Small and challenger Tigress McDaniel, it was quickly clear that there are some significant differences between the two District 1 candidates (which you can read more about in Wednesday's paper, along with coverage of challenger Sharon Hightower). One area where they overlap: singing.

Bellamy-Small, who will participate in the 17 Days festival with a performance on Sept. 21, held a concert to celebrate her 60th birthday last October and to raise money for a nonprofit helping ex-felons that she founded. I was lucky enough to go to the concert and write about it.

McDaniel is a singer too, and we featured her as local talent back in 2009. Among her musical accomplishments: singing the national anthem at a Greensboro Grasshoppers game last summer.

Here's the video, available on her YouTube channel.

Here's a recording of Bellamy-Small singing. We also have a recording of McDaniel singing as her answering machine message, but for whatever reason it's not uploading properly.

Read more about Bellamy-Small, McDaniel and Sharon Hightower in the next issue of YES! Weekly.

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