Sessions, Greensboro bar and music venue, closing

Sessions, a bar and performance venue that opened in 2012 on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, is closing.

The venue's last night will be tomorrow, said proprietor Allen Tyndall on Facebook. He added that the building is under contract to be sold on Dec. 31.

"I know that the new owners of this beautiful building will love and care for it the same as its past tenants and owners," Tyndall wrote. "And I know that this building will continue to be a cornerstone of the West Campus District for many years to come.

"For myself and Sessions it is simply time to move on," he continued." "I now sincerely feel that I may be a better service to the beverage/beer industry in other facets than operating within four walls. The time is right for me and my family to move on to bigger and brighter endeavors, and it truly is unfortunate that Sessions does not fit into that growth and calling."

Tyndall said the most fulfilling aspect of operating the venue was providing a home for musicians.

"Music has always been a passion of mine, and to give a home to this artistic medium has been a true honor," he said.

One of the musicians whose career has been affected by Sessions is Will Berry.

"A year ago I was getting ready to move away from Greensboro, when on a fateful night I found myself at Sessions beer & coffee," he wrote in a Facebook tribute. "I had given up on pursuing music but decided to play at their songwriter night so I could test out a couple of songs I'd been working on. After I got off stage I was asked by the host to talk to him and the owner, and they hired me on the spot to start playing music every week. So I decided to stay and pursue my lifelong dream of playing music.

"This past year has only been the best of my life, and it couldn't have been so without Sessions, Allen S. Tyndall, and all the folks I've met there," Berry went on to say. "You've given me more than just a place to play — you've given me a home. You all have been so supportive of my music even when I've lost all confidence and drive, you've kept the dream alive."

Tyndall wrote that he will "take with me the good and bad and learn from my missteps and triumphs." He added, "During this time I do know that I have hurt a few people's feelings in the process of working to build Sessions and realize my artistic vision for the establishment. To anyone still upset or unhappy with me I offer you my deepest apologies."

Shortly after its 2012 opening, Sessions drew a picket line by the Industrial Workers of the World union after numerous employees said they were owed significant back wages. Tyndall reportedly told two employees, Aimee Savard and Maggie Parker, that they didn't need to come in the next day, mentioning cash-flow problems. Within a week, the employees received all of their money.

Tyndall disputed some of the workers' claims, while declining to fully address their complaints in comments to YES! Weekly.


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Is this place still closed? I keep seeing open bar ads for this venue.