JCI Greensboro Swear in 2014 Board Members

The 2014 Greensboro Jaycees Board of Directors were sworn into office at the inaugural event Jan. 15,at Salvino Cucina Italiana in Greensboro. The 2014 Greensboro Jaycees, along with NC State Jaycee Representatives, NC Cardinal Corp Members, JCI Senate Members, Founders Club Members, and Old Timers, celebrated the start of another year as a chapter of Junior Chamber International. During the event, the Greensboro Jaycees honored some of the best and brightest in the chapter with awards. Life memberships were awarded to: Kyle Suggs, Stephanie Hudson, Melanie Coble, Lisa Powell, and Steve Melton. An Honorary Life Membership was awarded to the late Rich Brenner, accepted by friend Jim Rumley. The Roy Cary Award, the most prestigious award for a member that has had a long dedication and heavy involvement with the chapter, was awarded to Cyndi Hall. Stefan Goetz was sworn in as the 80th Greensboro Jaycee President for 2014. Goetz was sworn in by Past President, Founders Club member, and Greensboro Life Member, Kyle Suggs. Goetz was also awarded the President’s Cup for the 2014 year, his Presidential Gavel for 2014, as well as his Founders Club Coat. Goetz swore in the remainder of the Greensboro Jaycees Board of Directors. Each member took their oath graciously and humbly. Those sworn into the Greensboro Jaycees Board of Directors are as follows: J.B. Nosek- President-Elect; Howard Brandon- Community Vice President; Jonathan Hussar- Communications Vice President; Melissa Killian- Individual Development Vice President; Tonja Nantz- Membership Vice President; Cyndi Hall- Internal Development Vice President; Brett McDonough- Treasurer; Morgan Tedder- Secretary. Two members holding positions on the 2014 Greensboro Jaycees Board of Directors were unable to make the inaugural ceremony. Those members are as follows: Loch Saslow- Legal Counsel; Bethany Meinert- Chairman of the Board. “It’s always great to bring the history of the Jaycees together for a moment such as this. It is even more rewarding to be able to introduce the founders of this chapter to the future of the chapter. It was nice having members from the Old Timers, Founders Club, JCI Senate, NC Cardinal Corp, and NC State Jaycee Representatives all in one place to be reminded of the significant impact the Jaycees have had on Greensboro in the last 78 years.”, says Stefan Goetz, 2014 Greensboro Jaycee President.
PHOTO ID - Greensboro Jaycees 2014 Board of Directors. Pictured (from left to right): Stefan Goetz, Jonathan Hussar, Brett McDonough, Tonja Nantz, Morgan Tedder, Melissa Killian, Cyndi Hall, JB Nosek, Howard Brandon. (Not Pictured: Loch Saslow and Bethany Meinert)

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