Whole Foods in Winston-Salem offers donation for purchases on Feb. 26

Piedmont Environmental Alliance

Get Outside this Weekend!

"This weekend's spring-like weather looks pretty spectacular! How will you spend it?  Doing household chores like laundry and grocery shopping?  NO!  Give yourself a break, enjoy this warmer weather and GET OUTSIDE.  Go for a bike ride, join the Get-Hiking! Triad group at Salem Lake, take your kids to the park, breathe in that fresh North Carolina air. But, what ever you do,don't go grocery shopping!   
Why?  Well, if you wait until Wednesday, February 26, to fill your cupboards with all the fresh organic deliciousness that Whole Foods Market has to offer, our environment will thank you.That's right, on Wednesday, February 26, Whole Foods on Miller Street in Winston-Salem will donate 5% of its sales to Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA).  By shopping at Whole Foods next Wednesday, you're not only nourishing your family with fresh, organic, locally-grown produce and delicious meat and seafood free from growth hormones and unnecessary additives, you're helping to protect and restore our environment.  It's a win-win!  
PEA volunteers will be on site to say hello and spread the word about upcoming programs and activities, including the Piedmont Earth Day Fair, set for April 26, 2014.  We hope to see you!"
Release provided by PEA 

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