ACME Comics prepares for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

Photos/Story by Charles Womack

ACME Comics, located at 2150 Lawndale Ave. in Greensboro, is celebrating FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2014 w/ Boatwright-Chabot-Coller-Giarrusso-Henderson-Jarrell-Quinn-Quinones-Rachels-Schigiel-Smith & MORE!!! The event starts Sat., May 3 at 10am and runs thru closing at 7pm. Pictured are some fans setting up camp in the hot sun on Friday afternoon at 4.30pm.

On their web site,, they state "The countdown is on as Acme steps into the next age of the Triad's oldest & largest comic book store, consolidating their creative power back into the Lawndale Shopping Center and strengthening it's partnership with Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema to bring you the best Free Comic Book Day ever!"

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