Opportunity for Prose Writers

"The Touring Theatre of North Carolina is interested in creating a production featuring the work of North Carolina writers of prose.  Producing Artistic Director of Touring Theatre, Brenda Schleunes requests submissions for a production based on one to four short stories to be staged by the Touring Theatre in Spring of 2015.  Professional actors will perform the prose, underscored with appropriate music, in a polished production of the story or stories.   
This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase North Carolina's talented artists while at the same time it focuses on writing initiatives across our state.   
Submission guidelines
The deadline for submission is July 7, 2013.  Any received after that date will not be considered.  Submissions must be sent in a digital format, preferably a Word Document or PDF file, to bps@ttnc.org and must by limited to 500 words, double spaced, 12 point type.  Submissions can be either an entire work or the beginning of a longer work. If the submission is the beginning of a longer work, please indicate the number of words in the work's entirety.   A cover letter must be attached.  (See guidelines below)  From these 500 word submissions, Touring Theatre will invite twenty writers to submit their entire stories.  The stories to be produced will be selected from those twenty.  Criteria for final selection will include quality of writing, but also for production purposes, opportunities for interesting staging and subject or thematic connections to other works under consideration.   

Cover letter
The cover letter must include the following:
1.the title of the work, author's name, address, telephone number and e-mail address along with  
2.the following statement.

I own the copyrights to the material that I have submitted and grant my permission to the Touring Theatre of North Carolina to use my material or a portion of my material in a theatre production(s) that will feature prose performed by professional actors.  In addition, I give Touring Theatre of North Carolina permission to use my material for publicity purposes.
If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Brenda Schleunes at bps@ttnc.org.  If you have questions about the theatre and its work, see our website at www.ttnc.org. "
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