“CUPCAKE BATTLES”- to find the best cupcake in the triad.

"Calling all cupcake foodies! You’ve finally lost those five pesky holiday pounds. You’ve managed to slip on the ice only once all winter ENOUGH! Now summer is here, forget all of that and get outside and enjoy some edible delights!
Whether you want to indulge in the nutty delights or chocolate creations of the very best bakers in the Triad. Head to Crafton Street Pavilion Saturday July 26, 2014 beginning at 1pm until 6pm. For the first “Cupcake Battles”, presented by Live Free Magazine. The event is open to 15-20 bakeries in the Triad who've got the baked goods to compete for the title of “THE BEST”, as voted for by judges and attendees. From mini-cupcakes, to jumbo you will find something that is sure to be a sweet, sweet sugar high.
Just want to be fed and bump elbows with other local sweet seekers? Tickets for the Cupcake Battles are only $5 in advance and $10 at the gate, day of. Aspiring competitors, check our website for details on how to sign up www.livefreemagazine.org
This reality-based competition event that starts with contestants who are eliminated one-by-one in three
rounds, with the winning team receiving $250.00 award and title “THE BEST” Bakery in the Triad. Each team consists of a chef and a sous chef.

The first round is a one-on-one video interview of each contestant. It will consist of video preparation of (1) featured cupcake. It will be judged based on both taste and presentation.
The second round lasts 45 minutes and is focused around taste. Contestants must create (4) cupcakes with unusual ingredients related to our theme “Summer Bliss”. This round is judged by host and three local celebrity judges.
The third and final round is the most challenging, with the remaining teams. Each team will present 500 sample size cupcakes, to the public for tasting and voting. Each team must feature improved versions of all four cupcakes they made in the first two rounds, and then showcase them on an elaborately constructed display connected to that event theme “Summer Bliss”.

The show invites cupcake bakers from all over the triad to compete. Each episode is centered around the theme “Summer Bliss”.

There are three judges in the series: (TBA)

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