Do-It-Yourself Home Accessibility Demonstration Day Sat., Aug.2, 7 AM – 12 PM at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market

July 24, 2014 (Greensboro, NC) – Have you or a family member ever struggled with accessibility or mobility issues right within your own home? Join Community Housing Solutions (CHS) downtown at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market on Saturday, August 2nd, from 7:00am to noon to learn about solutions to these challenges.

The CHS construction staff is CAPS certified and will be having hands on demonstrations on how to build an accessible picnic table, install grab bars, lever door handles and ADA height toilets. Come swing a hammer and help us build an accessible picnic table, which will be donated to the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. “We are excited to have Community Housing Solutions as our special guest in order to build awareness of the importance of accessibility, while also helping us to make our facility more access-friendly,” stated Lee Mortensen, Executive Director of the Market. CHS has up fitted a retired US Postal Van equipped with tools and equipment. Look for the retro van on the Lindsay St. lawn to participate in the demonstration and for more information.

About Community Housing Solutions
Community Housing Solutions was started in 2004 as a local non-profit dedicated to preserving decent, safe and affordable housing for low-income families. Their work has served more than 350 families investing more than $3.7 million dollars in preserving affordable housing for neighborhoods utilizing community volunteers.

About the Market
Greensboro Farmers Market, Inc. (GFM) operates the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market on behalf of the City of Greensboro.  GFM is a “501c3” nonprofit.

GFM provides greater Greensboro with opportunities to purchase and learn about local food and crafts while interacting with producers and each other in a friendly and diverse social setting.  GFM encourages and supports the growth of local foods and artisan goods businesses to improve greater Greensboro’s economy, support better health through healthy eating and build social and community connections.
- A Press Release

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