Duke Energy Set to Resume Vegetation Management in Westerwood

"GREENSBORO, NC (July 18, 2014) – Duke Energy will resume its vegetation management and tree trimming around electrical lines in the Westerwood neighborhood on Monday, July 21. The efforts come after City of Greensboro and Duke Energy officials met with neighborhood representatives and collaborated to develop a plan for completing the work.

The first phase of work that will begin in Westerwood affects homes along Woodlawn and Crestland avenues, North Mendenhall, Courtland, Fairmont and Lakeview streets, and East Lake Drive. The growth and proximity of vegetation in the neighborhood is extremely heavy, and, in some cases, crews will need to de-energize the lines to work safely.  Any necessary power outages will start at approximately 8 am and last approximately three hours. Affected customers will be notified in advance of the outage.

The City, Duke Energy and neighborhood representatives met in June to discuss the resumption of the vegetation management. The focus of the discussions was on reducing the impact on residents and Duke Energy customers, ensuring the safety of residents and workers, and using directional pruning methods to train the tree to grow away from the line while maintaining the health of the trees.

To enhance the safety of property owners, motorists, pedestrians and tree trimming crews, there will be controlled access points to the neighborhood while the work is ongoing. Residents will still be allowed to access their property, but traffic will likely be limited to one lane and motorists will be required to drive at slow speeds through the neighborhood.

For more information about Duke’s vegetation management program and species of trees that might be more compatible in various areas, visit the following link: http://www.duke-energy.com/safety/right-of-way-management/before-you-plant.asp"
Submitted by City of Greensboro

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