Greensboro Urban Search and Rescue Team to Assist with Hurricane Arthur

"GREENSBORO, NC (July 3, 2014) –  The Greensboro Fire Department was assigned an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) mission today by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to provide emergency assistance to North Carolina residents and visitors impacted by Hurricane Arthur. Thirty-five (35) specially trained Greensboro firefighters have deployed to Plymouth, NC to assist with potential rescue efforts due to projected flooding caused by Hurricane Arthur. The Greensboro team is slated to provide emergency assistance in the projected impact area along the Outer Banks in Dare and Hyde Counties. The mission is initially planned for 24-hours, but could be extended for up to 72-hours. Costs incurred by Greensboro to provide this emergency USAR assistance will be reimbursed as authorized by the State Emergency Response Plan. 

The Greensboro firefighters departed from Greensboro’s Fire Station 5 on Westover Terrace, which houses the State recognized USAR Team identified as Task Force 6. The State of North Carolina utilizes seven regional USAR teams,  including Greensboro, for USAR emergency response services. "
A Press Release

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