Suspected Burglar Released after Investigation Clears Him

GREENSBORO, NC (July 21, 2014) – Thomas Paul Lee, the 51- year-old man accused of committing multiple  burglaries, has been released from police custody after further investigation revealed that he was not responsible for the crimes.
   After a lengthy and often conflicting interview with Lee, Greensboro police eliminated him as a suspect in the six commercial burglaries. 
Earlier today, Lee barricaded himself in his condominium at 306 N Lindell Road, resulting on the activation of the Greensboro Police Department's Special Response Team and Hostage Negotiation Team.            

After a brief stand off, Lee exited his residence without incident. 

Police are continuing to look for the person responsible for breaking and entering into the businesses.

It is unclear why Lee was uncooperative when police first attempted to interview him, or why he did not present evidence of his innocence when detectives were questioning him.
- A Police Report

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