Police Conduct Third Door-to-Door Crime Prevention Effort

"On Thursday, August 20th, Greensboro police and representatives from the Greensboro Housing Authority will knock on doors throughout the Ray Warren community to listen to residents’ concerns and discuss ways to prevent crime.
This is the third in a series of walks through GHA properties designed to improve residents’ quality of life, and to promote crime prevention and crime reduction.
“The goal of these walks is to build strong, safe neighborhoods,” explained Capt. Richard Whisenant, Commander of the Operational Support Division. “We can only achieve that goal when residents, police, and our GHA partners communicate with each other and work together to solve problems. The canvass is one way to keep the lines of communication open and learn about ways we can make our neighborhoods better.”
The first walk was through Smith Homes on June 4. On July 24th, officers and GHA representatives visited residents in Claremont Courts. In both instances, Police Neighborhood Resource Center officers went door-to-door handing out crime prevention information and hearing from residents about their concerns.
“The Greensboro Housing Authority is proud of the partnership between the Greensboro Housing Authority, its residents and the Greensboro Police Department.  The PNRC program has had such a positive impact in reducing crime in our public housing communities and making our neighborhoods safer and more secure,” stated Tina Akers Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greensboro Housing Authority.  “As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the PNRC program, we at GHA recommit to providing safe, quality, affordable housing to low-income families, elderly, and the disabled in the Greensboro community.”
Since 1989, the Greensboro Police Department has had officers working exclusively in all of GHA’s 19 communities. Called Police Neighborhood Resource Centers, uniformed patrol officers and resident volunteers are stationed on-site to help protect residents’ rights and to improve their quality of life. The goal of these Centers is to maximize police visibility and to enhance coordination and referral efforts to provide multiple outreach programs for residents. Currently, 11 GPD officers are assigned to PNRC.
Additional door-to-door canvasses are scheduled for Hampton Homes on Wednesday, Sept. 24, and Hickory Trails on Wed., Oct. 22."
A Press Release

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