Pride Winston-Salem Multi-Couple Wedding Celebration

Winston-Salem (Trade Street Arts District)
Pride Winston-Salem will be holding a multi-couple Live Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony from our Annual Pride Festival at 3:00 PM Saturday Oct. 18 on the Main Stage.

"In celebration of the recent ruling that struck down North Carolina’s  Amendment One as UNCONSTITUTIONAL , five (5) Same-Sex Couples have volunteer to share their wedding ceremony from our main stage at our Annual Pride Festival.

Many couples in our community felt that an out-of-state marriage was their only option, and we celebrate those couples who are now fully recognized here in North Carolina. However, in keeping with our Pride W-S theme for this year, “No Place Like Home”, we wanted to celebrate the couples that held onto the hope that they would one day be able to legally marry the ones that they love in their home state, that they love so much.  For many of us there truly is no place like home.

While this was a very ambitious undertaking this close to our event, we felt we had to take this opportunity to celebrate the victory at our Pride Festival and share this experience with the community. We have had overwhelming support from local & state businesses to help take part in this celebration. Alex Fisher from Lucky Penny Creative, a highly celebrated event planning company, will be offering her services as the wedding planner. Current Pride W-S sponsor, Imagine Flowers, has expanded their commitment to provide flowers for the couples. Sara Terraglio, with Cake Faerie, has graciously donated her cake baking skills to provide the Cake for the occasion.  Live Vocalist Corey Hodges is preparing a special selection for the occasion, and local community activist, Jesse Duncan an ordained officiant, will perform the service. Local photographer, Lindsey Cato has offered to photograph the ceremony, and Blake Stewart & Chris Livengood, of Ember Gallery on Trade St., have offered their Art Gallery as a small private reception area for the cake cutting and fellowship after the service.

PRIDE Winston-Salem’s primary focus is on encouraging, empowering, promoting a positive image of the LGBTQ community.  For more information about Pride Winston-Salem, please visit:"

- A Press Release

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