City Responding to Downtown Issues

"City of Greensboro officials are meeting with downtown business owners and residents this week to discuss incidents that occurred Nov. 8-9. The meetings are part of several steps the City is taking to resolve safety concerns.

“We consider any incident of violence anywhere in our city to be unacceptable," says Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan. "We take these issues seriously and our police and staff are working hard to investigate the crimes and we will find solutions to reduce these problems in the future. In addition to those efforts, it's also vitally important that residents and visitors to our city realize that the kinds of actions we saw take place in our downtown last weekend is not welcomed in Greensboro and will not be tolerated.”

The Greensboro Police Department is continuing to investigate the shootings that occurred early Satu. morning, Nov. 8, at the corner of South Elm and West Lewis Streets and a stabbing reported on Sun., Nov. 9, that allegedly occurred in a downtown nightclub. City officials are meeting tonight at 6 pm and later this week with downtown business owners to provide an update on the investigations and planned next steps, and answer questions and concerns regarding measures being taken to keep downtown safe. In addition to providing updates and receiving feedback, Greensboro police is prepared with additional resources, as needed, to maintain a safe environment downtown this weekend.

Among the items being investigated by the police department are possible violations of the City’s Entertainment and Facility Use Ordinance – which holds businesses accountable for certain elements of safety within their respective establishments. In addition, the police department and club owners are continuing to enhance safety through coordinated training of security guards. Twenty employees from eight downtown entertainment facilities received the training Nov. 8-9.

City Manager Jim Westmoreland is collecting information and working with the City and police department's leadership teams to develop additional safety strategies. Those measures will be presented to City Council at its next meeting on Tues., Nov. 18. “The police department has been working since the moment these incidents occurred to respond and resolve these crimes,” says Westmoreland. “We are constantly striving to make downtown, and all parts of Greensboro, welcoming and safe environments. Certainly, this past weekend’s series of events are unfortunate and we are doing everything we can to maintain the quality of life and safety that our residents and business owners expect.”"

- A Press Release

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