Local Farm Looks to Re-Ignite “Old Time” American Pride!

First Event of Its Kind:  Run or Walk Race, During a Live Revolutionary War Reenactment
Profits to Benefit The Paralyzed Veterans Association

Winston Salem, NC- Kevin Pyles, Spokesperson for The Revolution Run, confirmed today they will be holding a one of a kind event: The Revolution Run with Live Revolutionary War Reenactment on January 31, 2015 at 8 am at Rawhide Ranch at 1347 Dearmin Road in Westfield, NC. “We are excited to bring a much needed, re-ignition of “old time” American Pride to Northwestern NC.  We want to test the heart and will of present day Americans while taking them back in time 200 years to remind them of an era almost forgotten.  According to the American Revolution Center’s 2009 survey, 83 percent of adult Americans did not have a basic understanding of the American Revolution.”, says Pyles.

“Moving back to the country last October, really opened my eyes to the differences in American pride in areas  separated by as little as 30 miles.  I think decreased face to face interactions, the hectic nature of modern day life, decreased “together time” of the American family and basically a softening of the American male due to technology are mostly to blame,” says Pyles. While completing the course, participants will hear revolution era music and see the Old Glory flying high. They will feel the ground rumble under their feet from cannon blast,  while being a little cold and uncomfortable in hopes to remind them of what are founding Patriots endured and sacraficed for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Participants can run or march through the 5 k picturesque trails, old farm roads, brisk streams and rolling hills while being right in the middle of a Live Revolutionary War Reenactment. Participants aren’t competing against each other for time but are competing against their own will power. There is even an optional barefoot leg of the track for those who really want to test their heart and show their Patriotism. For those who don’t wish to complete the course they can purchase a spectator ticket to watch the reenactment and participants.
Tickets can be purchased online:  Participant Ticket-$35  Spectator Ticket-$10

For more information on this one of a kind event, contact Kevin Pyles at 336-403-3285 or visit www.RevoluionRunNC.com

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