Fringe Festival Vaudeville Show Benefiting Girls Rock, NC

"Close your eyes. Imagine a moment in your life when you had doubt, fear, regret, or challenge. Now envision yourself rising above that moment to a place of self-triumph. What if that moment of triumph was set to music, dance, harmony, and artistic bliss?

Not your mother's fairie tales~ A series of princess self love stories! is a vision of real vaudeville proportions that tells the tale of every princess you know. Once upon a time a lovely beautiful princess has the perfect life, makes some horrible choices and messes it up, and then has to figure out how to get herself out of the mess she got herself into. All set to the art of a narrated tableaux(still posing that tells a story), burlesque, J~set dance (hip-hop dancing) from the Twilight dance group, cabaret, live & original music from Whisky Christy and the Half Pint Orchestra and friends, and theatrical side show from Safety Third Sideshow and guests. It should be something that wows the audience and brings something new to the Greensboro, NC stage while actually recapturing the roots of vaudeville. These will be adult dark fairie tales of self love ~ empowerment, romance, and social tales of personal growth where the princess is the hero, the victim, and the villain all in one.

January 30th and 31st at 8pm only $15 in the Crowne Room of the Carolina Theatre (310 Greene St, Greensboro, NC) we intend to create an artistic vaudevillian experience that ou will not want to miss.

Tickets will go on sale via

We are always proud to be a part of the 2015 Greensboro Fringe Festival  ( ) ~ a showcase of the cities best ‘fringe’ arts, bringing a variety of styles of artist interpretations to Greensboro each year. This year our offerings are not only artistically intense, but their message is emotionally amazing… when you add the fact that we are donating our ticket sales to Girls Rock NC ( to support their cause makes the moral of these stories and your heart sing! If you don’t know about Girls Rock NC… well, they ROCK. They are an organization that that empowers girls and women -- through creative expression -- to become confident and engaged members of our communities. They accomplish this by focusing on the “three Cs”: creativity, confidence and collaboration.

Four stories on two nights of artistic expression representing stories of love, bliss, comedy, and sensuality. Bringing burlesque stars from far and near to a top off an already top notch cast.

We are proud to announce cast : Tiger RoXxx, Jenn Martin, Brandy Valentine, Vicious Jane, Pistol Rose, Lips Sealed, Claudia Vainglory, Caitastrophe, Ruby Redd, and more TBA

With special guest star:

Co-Founder, Performer, and Producer at Moonstruck Burlesque she has dazzled the audiences with her hand adorned costumes and her sultry routines ‘the Ohio Honey’ : Rena LaMarr!"

- A Press Release

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