Greensboro Police Department Receives Two Eco-Friendly Motorcycles

           The Greensboro Police Department is scheduled to receive two eco-friendly motorcycles this Friday as part of a grant that supports vehicles with low emissions.
            The Zero DS ZF11.4 motorcycles with police packages and Bluetooth technology are scheduled to be delivered by the vendor at 1 pm at the Central Division Headquarters at 100 Police Plaza on Jan. 16.
            The fully-electric bikes have zero emissions, perform as well as gasoline-powered motorcycles, are extremely quiet, and are a good fit with the City’s emphasis on protecting the environment, according to Sgt. Art Hollis, who headed the effort to obtain the vehicles. “We wanted high-performing bikes that we could use in a totally green manner,” stated Hollis.
            The motorcycles are funded, in part by a grant from the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center. The total cost of the two vehicles is $41,550. The grant awarded GPD $21,395 for 80% of the difference between the cost of the eco-friendly bikes and the cost of comparable conventional motorcycles. State drug excise tax paid the remaining $20,155.
            The bikes will be used to patrol the downtown area and the Greenway. They can also be used for traffic and pedestrian control during parades, escorts, demonstrations, and foot races.
            Officers from Central Division selected to ride the bikes are scheduled to receive 40 hours of training in mid-March on the mechanics of riding an electric bike on and off road. They will also become familiar with how motorcycles can be used in a law enforcement capacity.
            “The bikes will mostly likely be used in areas that are highly congested, and can go to places not accessible by cars,” explained Hollis. “For those reasons, our officers must be highly-trained and confident when operating them.”
            The environmentally-friendly bikes are slated to debut in April. They will augment bike, foot, and vehicle patrols."

- A Press Release

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