(l) Kernersville's Mary Ann Chatman
"If being flown to a remote island to transform your life and make your dreams come true sounds
like your kind of New Year’s resolution, then you may be in luck!

Kernersville's Mary Ann Chatman, an award-winning singer/songwriter, has her fingers crossed and believes she is ready for the challenge.

This is your Life Change, is the brainchild of Mark Bowness of BBC Paradise or Bust fame, who
will pluck six lucky individuals from obscurity and transport them to a remote Fijian island to
turn their hopes, dreams and aspirations into reality. And here’s the kicker it’s totally FREE – all
expenses paid!

The selected six will work with a team of experts including a life coach, business coach and personal
trainer to transform themselves, both physically and mentally, and develop a comprehensive
plan to turn their ideas into reality! With their lives transformed, they will return home to
start their new journey and have a positive impact on their own families, friends and communities.

Mark, and his Australian based team - business coach, Ryan Magdziarz and personal trainer, Sofia
Toumbas - are looking for six people from any walk of life with big ideas and a desire to change
their lives and the lives of others, “…a teenage mum, a corporate lawyer, an unemployed graduate
– anyone with a compelling story and a big idea to make the world a better place can apply,”
Mark said.

The life changing prize package is valued at $200,000 and the whole adventure will be filmed for
what Mark anticipates will become a groundbreaking new TV series, This Is Your Life Change.
Mark’s previous project, the five part BBC documentary Paradise or Bust in 2008, saw a group of
strangers launch an eco-community on Vorovoro, the same 200 acre island which he will use
again for this project. The program gained worldwide exposure through over 200 media outlets
and aired on the BBC in the UK, The National Geographic Channel in America and The Lifestyle
Channel, Australia.

“Whether it’s launching a business, developing a product or starting up a charity - we are looking
for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and create the life they know they
were born to live. We want people with an undeterred passion to make a change that will benefit
not only themselves, but also the broader community,” he said.

More than 900 people have already applied for the opportunity via the project’s website ThisIsYourLifeChange.

com, from 17 counties, with thousands more expected to join them. The six successful
applicants will be flown free of charge to the remote island of Vorovoro in the South Pacific,
where the transformations will take place!

Mark, 35, currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, and experienced his own ‘life change’ when
his marriage suddenly ended nine years ago. He hit rock bottom and tried to end his own life and
woke up in hospital with what he describes as ‘a profound realisation of how precious life is’.
Three months later Mark leased Vorovoro and established Tribewanted with a friend, and became
a ‘dream enabler’.

“Before my attempted suicide I was living a treadmill existence. I realised how precious life really
is and I was determined to live it to the full,” said Mark ‘and now I do it every day!”

Applications are now open Note: Tribewanted was filmed by
Shine International."

- A Press Release

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