GCS Students to Compete in National Quiz Bowl Championship

The team from the Early College at Guilford
(from left to right), Vanessa Okoyeh,
Ziad Ali, Elizabeth Smith and Jared Taylor. 
The board recognized two winning Quiz Bowl
teams at Thursday’s board meeting

"Greensboro, N.C. – Guilford County Schools students will showcase their academic abilities on a national stage this weekend.

The Early College at Guilford’s Quiz Bowl team will compete in the national competition in Chicago this Saturday.  The team was recognized at Thursday’s board meeting for earning the state title in March with a 9-0 record.

The team from Penn-Griffin School of the Arts is in
the second photo (from left to right), Keith G. Pemberton,
Omega Psi Phi 6th District Assault on Illiteracy Committee
Chairman and Founder of Preparing Our Youth Foundation;
Tre Thompson; Ashley Miller; Kristen Dawkins; and 
eam advisor Hector Argote-Gomez.

Quiz Bowl is an academic competition in which two teams of four students compete head to head using a buzzer system to be the first to answer questions read by a moderator. The fast-paced format tests the combined prowess of the teams to determine the ultimate winner.

The board also recognized students from Penn-Griffin School for the Arts as winners of the Black History Quiz Bowl tournament. Penn-Griffin has been the undefeated champion since the Quiz Bowl started five years ago.

The Black History Quiz Bowl is sponsored locally by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the Preparing Our Youth Foundation. Questions were created by High Point historian Glenn R. Chavis."

- A Press Release

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