35 Recruits Graduate as Part of the Greensboro Fire Department’s 67th Recruit Class

GREENSBORO – Thirty-five recruits from the Greensboro Fire Department’s 67th recruit class will graduate at 10 am Friday, June 26 at a ceremony at the Carolina Theatre, 310 N. Greene St. The 35 recruits marks the department’s largest class in its history. The ceremony is open to the public.

The graduates completed 21 weeks of intense physical and practical exercises and were required to successfully pass numerous written examinations. Each individual is now certified as a North Carolina State Firefighter. Each graduate will be assigned to one of the 25 fire stations across the city and must serve a six-month probationary period. After that, the entire class will return to the academy to complete further written and practical examinations in order to maintain employment with the Greensboro Fire Department.

The City’s rigorous training program is related to the department’s national accreditation as a  Class 1 Fire Department by the Insurance Services Office.

The graduating class consists of: Brady Alton, Shannon Boller, James Burgess, Christopher Carlan, Peter Clark, Nathan Cockman, Larry Conaway, Damion Cox, Matthew Cross, Alejandro Cruz, Kyle Daniels, Tamisha Davis, Julian Fesmire, Joshua Hall, Jurica Hargraves, Todd Hargrove, Spencer Hill, Jordan Honeycutt, Anderson Marchi, Mitchell McMillion, Kurt Pearce, Matthew Robertson, William Routh, Roy Shaw, Dustin Shutt, Tyler Strader, Lamar Sullivan, Bradley Turner, Jack Veiga, Brandon Wall, Cody Walton, Keri Wells, Derek Williams, Jessica Williams, and Dustin York.

 - a press release

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