GCS Exceptional Children Department Increasing Parent Outreach

Department announces Summer Institute and
EC parent liaison at board meeting

"Greensboro, N.C. – This summer, parents are invited to join teachers, principals and other educators for the Exceptional Children (EC) Department’s Summer Institute July 14-16.

The institute, titled “Empowerment, Learning and Growth,” will cover an array of topics, including scheduling students in the least restrictive environments, allowing students to function as independently as possible in a school setting and creating lesson plans to fit the needs of various students. The district is partnering with UNCG, Cone Health, Autism Society of North Carolina and other distinguished professionals around the state to offer this opportunity to educators and parents. For more information on the institute, click here.

The department also hired Jacqui Hawkins as its EC Parent Liaison. Hawkins is responsible for reaching out and working with various parent and EC community groups in the district and Triad to help improve communication between parents and the department. Hawkins can be reached by contacting the Exceptional Children Department at (336) 370-2323.

“As one of our four priority areas, communication is a definite focus of improvement for our department,” says Dr. Alicia Tate, executive director for exceptional children. “The parent liaison position is a great step forward in improving communication with parents.  Hawkins is already assisting with forming collaborative partnerships with parents and the community as we work to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.”

The EC department is finding these new ways to reach out to and engage parents as partners as it completes the first year of its department improvement plan. The department updated the board on its progress during their regularly scheduled meeting last week."

- A Press Release

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