Truffles and Grape Pomace are Focus of A&T Field Day

"The raw beginnings of a gourmet meal are on the menu – make that the field – during the 14th annual Small Farms Field Day at North Carolina A&T State University, Thurs., June 11, 8:15 a.m.-noon, at the University Farm, 3136 McConnell Road in Greensboro.

Researchers and agricultural experts will showcase agricultural technology and techniques, and this year’s amalgam of demonstrations also lends itself to the ultimate food destination: the table. Authentic American-grown truffles, organic vegetables, pastured pork, and grape pomace that can be infused in bread, ground beef and other foods are among the topics.

The free, rain-or-shine event is sponsored by The Cooperative Extension Program at A&T. It shows farmers and gardeners how to increase food productivity, maximize income and promote environmental stewardship. The general public is encouraged to attend as well. This year’s Field Day offers demonstrations of:
  • Truffle farming
  • Pastured pork and swine genetics
  • Summer cover crops for organic and conventional growers
  • Alternative farming for urban areas
  • Solar energy and rain catchment systems
Poster discussions will feature animal production and human health, forest farming with medicinal plants, using vegetable oil to deter beetles from stored cowpeas, and the value-added promise of pomace from grapes. The pomace discussion augments the “loaf of bread, jug of wine and thou” offering, with information on how stems, skins and seeds from grapes can be used to enhance the nutritional value and shelf life of some foods, including bread. 

For more information or to register, call 336-285-4661or email"

- A Press Release

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