Greensboro Ranks Fourth Best City in National to be a Driver

2015’s Best & Worst Cities to Be a Driver

"GREENSBORO, NC (July 16, 2015) – According to, Greensboro ranks as the fourth best city in the country in costs of car ownership and commuting (i.e. time, money and safety), as well as the environment for leisure drivers. And, Greensboro topped the list as having the lowest parking rates of any other city.

The website compared the 100 most populated US cities’ average gas prices, average annual traffic delays, rates of car theft, parking rate and other metrics to determine the top “haven-like” cities for drivers for 2015. See specifics below:

Being a Driver in Greensboro (1=Best; 50=Average)

1st – Average parking rates
14th – Number of car washes per 100,000 residents
16th – Average annual hours of traffic delays
16th – Number of car dealerships per 100,000 residents
18th – Rate of car thefts
22nd – Accident likelihood compared with national average"

- A Press Release

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