All Ireland Gaelic Football Championship Match to be shown at a/perture cinema

"Winston-Salem’s newest sports team, the Winston-Salem Wolfhounds, is hosting the ‘Super Bowl’ of Gaelic Football out of Ireland between Kerry and Dublin at a/perture cinema this Sunday, Sept. 20 at 8pm.

Gaelic football has been played in Ireland in some form for over 700 years. Although no true professional teams exist (re: players are not paid to play), the County-level finals pack the 80,000 seat stadium in Dublin every year. The governing body, the Gaelic Athletic Association, today has a registry of thousands of teams worldwide, now including your very own Winston-Salem Wolfhounds.

Tim Cronin, founder of the Wolfhounds, is originally from County Kerry and has played most of his life and even at the club level in Ireland as a young adult. He came to North Carolina where he played for the team in Raleigh then moved to Winston Salem and started the team last year. He saw in the city a cultural vibrancy that would be a foundation to bringing the sport to life.

The championship will be shown at 8pm with concessions available before the start and during halftime. The event is free to the public with a suggested donation of $5 going towards the Wolfhounds.

The team is always looking for new players, male or female, of all ages. Those interested in learning to play or supporting the team can go to"

- A Press Release

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