Greensboro Police Offer Advice on How to Enjoy the National Folk Festival

"GREENSBORO, NC (Sept. 8, 2015) – The men and women of the Greensboro Police Department want everyone to enjoy the many activities offered by the National Folk Festival.

To contribute to a safe environment, additional Greensboro police will be on duty throughout the duration of the festival to ensure people have a pleasant experience. Officers will also be stationed at key roads and intersections to keep traffic flowing in an orderly manner.  Should an emergency or spontaneous occurrence arise, officers are trained to handle crisis situations and protect the people in the affected area.

The festival is expected to draw a large number of people to the area. Police want everyone to enjoy the variety of activities, and suggest the following tips when in crowds:

· Vehicle operators are reminded to be more alert and drive with caution in areas in which people congregate. Young children, especially, can be impulsive and inattentive to their surroundings. Motorists should expect the unexpected in these areas. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at intersections whether crosswalks are painted on the street or not. Vehicles must yield to people on foot.

·  Hide any valuables you leave in your car. Lock your vehicle and take the keys with you.

·  In an effort to ease traffic congestion, festival-goers may ride any Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA) bus along the route to downtown and be dropped off at The Depot, 236 E. Washington (at Church Street)—free of charge. Free transit service is also available to all transit users throughout the City during the Festival. For more information about transportations, –

· Pay attention to where you are and what is happening around you. When you arrive at your destination, take note of the officers protecting the area, their posts, and their uniforms. This will help you easily recognize them even under duress. Police stationed in public spaces are trained to help you in an emergency.

· Report suspicious behavior and or disruptive persons to the nearest police officer.

· Immediately locate exits in your parking area and event venue. Knowing exits other than the main exit may be especially helpful if you need to escape from a potentially dangerous situation

· Protect your cash and personal property. Avoid ATMs in crowded areas. Keep your wallet in a front pocket (preferably one with a zipper). If you use a purse, hold it close to your body where you can always see it.

· Parents of children of all ages are encouraged to know their children’s whereabouts and closely supervise them around crowds. Report a lost child immediately police. Officers have established a reunification tent on Church Street near Lindsay Street to reconnect families.

For more information about getting around during the festival, go to"

- A Press Release

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