DGI's Matheny charged with DWI

Downtown Greensboro Inc President Zack Matheny was charged with Driving While impaired by Greensboro Police early Friday morning.
According to Susan C. Danielsen, Public Information Officer with the Greensboro Police Department, the police report had not been finalized but she confirmed that Matheny, 42, was charged with DWI when an officer of the Greensboro Police Department found him passed out with his head on the steering wheel of a black Landrover.
“The officer saw the vehicle parked and running in the parking lot of the Harris Teeter on North Church and East Cone in Greensboro at 3.40am this morning,” said Danielsen. “The officer pulled up and found the only occupant, Mr. Matheny, in the running vehicle. He had his head on the steering wheel and appeared to be sleeping.”
According to Danielsen, the officer knocked on the window to wake him and had him roll down his window and step out of the vehicle. He was given a field sobriety test and failed blowing over the legal limit. Danielsen could not confirm the specific results of the breathalyzer test, only that is was over the legal limit.
Matheny, who resides at 3204 Roundhill Road in Greensboro, became DGI President early this summer after announcing his resignation from Greensboro City Council at their June 16, 2015 City Council Meeting.
“He was very cooperative and complied with all the officers instructions,” said Danielsen, who noted that this was his first such charge in Greensboro.

By Charles Womack

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