Early morning crowd causes downtown disturbance and road closure

"The Winston-Salem Police Department responded to a large crowd gathering outside of Club Lollipops, located at 515 N. Cherry Street in downtown Winston-Salem, at approximately 3:30am.  At approximately 4:15am the club began to close for the night and its patrons began to exit the club. As the patrons were exiting they began to walk in the travel lanes of the 500 Block of North Cherry Street, which had to be temporarily shut down for safety of the patrons and the motorist traveling in this area.

As the majority of the patrons walked north from the club, several disturbances ignited, which resulted in several officers being utilized to disperse the crowds to prevent any further issues. The 500 Block of North Cherry Street was closed for approximately 30 minutes and officers remained highly visible in the area around the club for about an hour and a half in total to include before and after the club’s closing.  No arrests were made and no one was injured."

- A Police Report

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