Parks Chevrolet Brings Christmas Cheer for Ten Families from Big Brothers Big Sisters

"WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — On Dec.17, the Parks Chevrolet staff brought some holiday cheer to ten Big Brothers Big Sisters children and their families during a holiday dinner at the Marriott Downtown in Winston-Salem. 
The Parks Chevrolet Dinner started out with a visit from Santa Claus and his elves. Each of the children was given the opportunity to spend time with Santa Claus and have their picture taken with him. After dinner and dessert the Parks Chevrolet elves sang Christmas carols and entertained the families with a few dance numbers. The elves gave each child a stocking full of goodies, and the finale of the night was the presentation of ten full size Christmas trees, and gifts for all of the children.

“It was an honor to have each of our families receives not only gifts but a Christmas tree for their home. We are grateful to Parks Chevrolet for taking the time to put together this type of event for our families,” said Shawan Gabriel, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters.
This was the first year that Big Brothers Big Sisters and Parks Chevrolet have partnered together for a holiday event. 

To more about volunteer opportunities and how to sponsor an event please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters directly at 336-724-7993 or email You can start a child on the path to success within the communities where you live and work by supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters."

- A Press Release

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